New backup and terminated accounts


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Sep 24, 2002
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In the legacy backup, the system kept terminated account backups indefinitely. In the new system, it wipes out the previous days folder, and if an account is terminated, that isn't retained anywhere. There have been times in the past we've had someone come back after a few days/weeks and we were able to bring the account back as it was.
We'd like to keep that option.

There's a feature request to "keep terminated backups for xx days/weeks/months" here:
Remove backups of terminated accounts | cPanel Feature Requests
It's been hanging around for a while now without progress. Is Cpanel considering this request, or is it just not popular enough to do at this point?

My only choice at this point is to rsync these without the delete flag so I have at least the remote daily copy intact on the day prior to termination. It would be nice to have a local copy to fall back on as well.
Any hope on the horizon?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

The request is still open for public discussion, so it's important to vote and add your feedback to that request. It's likely a good idea to implement a manual workaround in the meantime because it doesn't look like an immediate implementation of that feature is likely.

Thank you.