New email account - SMTP connection refused


Mar 19, 2013
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I recently migrated my website to a dedicated server and I have been attempting to get my website's email account set up again. I created the email account from the cPanel interface and am able to log on to webmail and access the inbox for the account. However, if I attempt to send email to this email address, I am met with "connection refused" errors from SMTP. Also, if I attempt to send mail FROM the website's email (via SquirrelMail), the process hangs and says it timed out after several minutes, without sending the message. The MX DNS records seem to be correct. I am at a loss as to why connections to the mail server are being refused, given that I set the email account up recently and the settings seem to be fine. I have searched google and these forums for a few days and have turned up no solutions.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Oct 20, 2008
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If you are not having the root access to server, the only way is to contact your hosting provider to see if the SMTP port is opened on server firewall and mail server is listening to port. Could be related to email server/firewall settings.

If you are having root access, perform the following from shell and provide the output.

telnet localhost 25
service exim status