New Install - Need help! (nevermind)


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Aug 16, 2001

I\'m trying to bring up a new server. I installed the OS, and had Burst install cpanel. Then, I decided to upgrade the kernel. (Luckily before I put any clients on it.) So I tried to upgrade the kernel, and failed miserably. LILO got very messed up, so I had to reinstall the OS completely.

Basically, I need to know this: Can I re-install cpanel without Burst\'s intervention? I would have the same IP, so I don\'t think that the invalid liscense file should be an issue.

Please tell me if I can do this ASAP, because I really need to get this server up. (My other server is busting at the seams with clients.)

Also, if I can do it myself, I would very much appreciate it if you could quickly go over the basics of installing cpanel for me.

Thank you!

<edit> Never mind! I was able to reinstall the OS and CP3 software. Please do let me know if I might have missed something that Burst would have done. </edit>
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