New Install Not Secure and Cant log in

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Oct 18, 2017
united states
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I have bought mutliple whm/cpanel with ovh over the years. Today I bought a new one and they provided a link to click for first time use of service. Normally I dont have a link. Once I click the link I get warning about site not secure. I proceed and then error says :
You must specify a username to log in. Further I noticed the username they provided me was 'centos' instead of root like the 100 other times. I tried
/scripts/upcp --force and it updated but I still cant login. I am sure it has to be with the ssl and centos. I was able to log in with ssh on putty but of course it said I was not root. Do I have to reinstall whm or is there a easier fix for this?
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May 22, 2020
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Hi @trainingday,

It sounds like the hostname doen't have an SSL certificate issued for it and that is why you have to bypass the warning about the site not being secure.

I'm not sure of the type of service you have with OVH but you could request the root password from them?

If not, cPanel / WHM would have to be reinstalled. If it's an unmanaged system, it's not difficult to install or you could engage a systems administrator to assist you.