New IP assignement done wrong on some zones while transferring accounts


Feb 3, 2013
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This has been happening to me for years now, so I'm not sure if it's a recurring or never reported bug on WHM, or if there's a setting I'm not using or something. This is the scenario:

- My OLD WHM server's IP is
- My NEW WHM server's IP is
- And I got a WINDOWS server with IP

I got an account,, which DNS I tweaked so the website will be hosted in an external windows server, while keeping the dns zone and the email on the WHM server, so the DNS zone looks something like: IN A
mail IN A IN MX 10

So, when I transfer the account to a new WHM machine, theoretically it should change all instances of '' to '', right? (that's actually what it says in one of the steps), and leave it like this on the new WHM: IN A
mail IN A IN MX 10

BUT NO! it leaves the zone looking like this: IN A
mail IN A IN MX 10

So as you can see, this is TOTALLY WRONG. I've always had to manually change all the accounts that, by memory, I know they got subdomains or parked domains or manually added domains pointing to IPs that don't belong to the old server, but to external ones.

Anybody know of a safer way to transfer accounts between servers without having to copy-paste the old zone and then manually edit the new one undoing the mess whm made? Thank you!
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