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Aug 27, 2016
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I have a few questions in regards to the primary & mail node servers.

So if I wanted to offset the mail functionality of Server A to Server B, and currently have a fully functioning Server B with few accounts (not important ones), in order to do so I would:
  1. Server A: Keep the profile as "Standard"
  2. Server B: Switch server profile over to "Mail" profile.
  3. Server A: Link Server Nodes -> link to Server B.
  4. Switch existing accounts to distributed account (So mail goes to Server B) -> Go to Modify Account -> Linked Nodes
  5. Any new accounts (create a new account) would automatically have linked nodes?
  6. What happens to existing mailbox user had on Server A? Does users credentials for login change? Any additional things to watch for?
  7. From statistical point, making 2 servers one Standard and one Mail profile, does it really increase performance for web serving data (such as WP etc.) on Server A by offsetting mail functionality to Server B? Is it worth doing?
  8. Currently I have Server A -> DNSonly server 1 / DNSonly server 2
Any tips, help, insight is appreciated!
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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! If you don't care about the accounts you already have on Server B, your steps work. You could actually skip step 2 and keep things running as-is on Server B as well, as you don't *have* to use the mail-only profile to perform that work.

Everything you've mentioned in steps 1-4 is correct.

5 - Not necessarily - this can be set up per-account.
6 - Nothing should change from the user side. The username/password/URLs all get adjusted so there are no visible changes to the user. They just access email normally and don't even know they are being redirected to a different physical machine.
7 - Maybe - it really depends on your environment. If you have a busy server, it can allow significant performance improvements.
8 - Having the server in a cluster wouldn't matter at all. It will work just the same as the DNS changes allowing this to work would just propagate to the cluster like any other DNS change.

Let me know if that helps!