New on cPanel and little local mail problem ...


Sep 3, 2010

We are new with CPanel, using it only since some months.
With our first server, we had always a problem with the local/remote mail location, because we use a anti-spam appliance (from MailFoundry). Our DNS templates are ok to use the anti-spam appliance, but for every new site or imported site we found that domain(s) in /etc/remotedomains, but it have to be in /etc/localdomains ... :(
I found something, and since that it works like a charm. Every time we add a new site, the MX and local mail are configured correctly.
Now, we have a second CPanel server, and i'm lost and can't find what i changed to make that CPanel consider our new sites correctly with LOCAL mail, and not remote ...
Can someone help me ?
Thanks a lot for evey help ...
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Oct 2, 2010
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I have no idea whatsoever. If you have access to both machines, then I would suggest checking the settings in WHM > Exim Configuration Editor as well as grabbing the /etc/exim.conf from the old machine to compare it to the new one. If you run this on the new machine, you can copy the file from the old machine to the new one, then compare the files:

cp /etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.bak110518
scp oldserverIP#:/etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.oldserver
diff /etc/exim.conf /etc/exim.conf.oldserver
Please replace oldserverIP# with the IP for the old server. This copies the old server's /etc/exim.conf to /etc/exim.conf.oldserver on the new machine, then you compare them with the diff to see what changes they have between them.