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Feb 8, 2003

Seems a new problem came up with Pine with the latest version of Exim.

People are reporting that they cannot send since they get this message: Mail not sent: Sender verify failed

So...I did some searching and found this to be a new bug here. So anyone encounter this problem and have any solution for this? Any assistance is appreciated.

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Sep 16, 2003
Dear Elikster,

You are not specified the full details of the error. For tracking down this type of issue, run Exim with debug option you will find a wealth of info. Using those info i you can track down the problem.

Try this :
* from terminal window go to Exim bin directory of box in question, type

# ./exim -v -d [email protected]

you will get a lot of output on the screen, just wait till it stops then type

From: [email protected] (or any valid working mail account)
Subject: Test

then type [Enter] key, you will get another bunch of output, then type short
text like...

This is a test

then [Enter] key again then




the email will then be processed by Exim and you will have a very detailed output for analysis which hopefully will put you on track to finding cause of problem.

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