New Reseller Account Unable To Create Accounts


Apr 2, 2005
Hello Folks,

Something quite strange seems to be happening for a client of ours. Created a brand new reseller as usual and also as per the norm, trying to limit this reseller account to only creating accounts on predefined packages.. Pretty straight forward no? Seems not.

Well I have gone through their reseller privileges to ensure that they do have the proper permissions to create accounts and such, but alas when one tries to create the account with one of the pre assigned packages one gets "You are not allowed to create resellerpackage_selected" . If one tries to create an undefined package, I get "Sorry you are at your limit for creating undefined plan accounts!" which I expected.

- Options checked in reseller center for this reseller -
Limit the amount of accounts newreseller can create by number to accounts. (set to 40)
Limit account creation to pre-assigned packages (all new reseller created packages must be approved in this interface before they can be used by the reseller.)
Limit the amount of each package that newreseller can create. (This implies the option above.)

Each of the packages I want the reseller to be able to use does have a check mark in 'Creation Allowed' and Account Creation is checked in the later options.

I have removed and re added reseller privileges/restarted cpanel all with little affect.

Any input/suggestions are always welcome..