New server migration help please


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Mar 27, 2003
I just got a cpanel new server. I have 3 old cpanel servers for 3 separate small companies that have only shared hosting accounts on them.

The new server I have created 3 reseller accounts for each companies server. How do I transfer each old server to a new reseller account on the new server. Each old server has different nameservers which I have setup on the new servers resellers 3 accounts.

When I log into a new reseller account I created that has all privileges except root, there is no function to copy multiple accounts from another server.

I am lost and in the middle of this migration. I would really appreciate some of your expert advice.

Thanks so much.


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Feb 27, 2010
if i were you i would do this:

say your 3 servers are A,B and C

i would first transfer all accounts on A and go to WHM -> Multi Account Functions -> Modify/Upgrade Multiple Accounts
select all accounts owner by root "don't forget t deselect the A,B and C reseller accounts"

then change the owner to Reseller-A

transfer the accounts from server B

go same page and select all accounts owned by root (this will not select the reseller A accounts since now they are under another owner" change their reseller to B"

and so on

there might be some other way but this won't take much time i guess