New server - suggestions for nameserver welcome


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Oct 30, 2002

I have just invested in new server, and I wonder if you can reccomend how to set this up.

I want to have the new server as primary nameserver (today, the old one is both primary and secondary nameserver), and the "old" one as secondary nameserver. I want to be able to host my own sites and client sites on both servers.

Do you see any "issues" with this configuration? I will set up as hostname on the new and on the old one (today, master/slave have their own ip, but they both point to same server). Do I need to sync the dns data, or can this be done through Cpanel? I have Cpanel on both servers and full access. RHES 4.


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May 18, 2005
You do need to sync the zone information so that both servers have identicle information. And yes you can do it very easily with WHM.

If you go to:

WHM -> Cluster/Remote Access -> Configure Cluster

You can then set the primary and secondary nameservers. The way that it works is that the zone information on the primary will will be auto-synced with the slave.