New setup with Cpanel (www/dns)?


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Feb 26, 2003
The Netherlands
Hi all:

Next week I want to start moving hosting to a new dedicated server, running WHM/Cpanel (not installed yet).

I'm wondering about three issues (as this is my first move), perhaps you can help me here.

1) When putting up the server ( and I use as FQDN, can I still use as webpage and email for that domain in horde? Because the domain I want to use as primary domain is now in use as website (store etc.) and by some clients for their email. I tried to test this in the demo's but I couldn't succeed. Is this possible, or do I have to get myself a new domain ( which is primary and add as the first account ?

2) When putting over my client-accounts (copy their websites, adjusting email etc.) I can switch DNS, because the old and new website will both be available during DNS-delegation. So far no problem, BUT, how about email (during the switch) ? I can add an MX-record (priority 0) at the old location pointing at my new IP but as some mailers may have the DNS-zone in their caching nameserver, some email will arrive at the old location. How can I avoid this or at least make sure my client get all their mail at last.

3) Until now I used DNS-servers from the datacenter. I can already offer DNS-servers to my clients, as my domainname will resolve their DNS-zones. But how about my own? Can I add and ? I don't think so, because who knows what's the IP for etc.? Right, So sounds like the story about the chicken and the egg :)

Any hints/help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Dillard