New subnet - Replacing all existing IPs with new ones


Dec 7, 2004
Good day to all,

My hosting provider had to give back his allocated IPs in order to get a bigger range for his growing needs and thus I was assigned new IPs block to replace the old ones. I am on a non-managed server and need to do this myself.

OLD: 209.x.x.x/28
NEW: 162.x.x.x/28

The server was using the old block with the main IP for shared websites, and a few sites with their own IPs.
Name servers both (NS1/NS2) are local on same server with IPs from the old range.

I am merely replacing the old IP block with the new IPs, I have some idea what I need to do but I don't want to screw it up before asking.

My Question:
Is there a step by step manual/instruction on how to do this safely with the least amount of downtime as possible.
if not, what is your recommendation of where I should start, and what files to change without locking myself out of my box.

I am using the latest version of cPanel (auto updated).

Thank you in advance,


Staff member
Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

You should first update the IP address that is licensed for cPanel. You can utilize the Manage2 interface if you purchased the license directly from us, or your provider can complete this if you purchased the license elsewhere. After the new IP addresses have been configured on your server, you can modify the cPanel related configuration files with the use of the following option:

IP Migration Wizard

This will automatically convert the accounts and all associated configuration files to the new IP addresses. Beyond that, you should update the name server IP addresses at the domain registrar, and ensure the "A" records are updated for the name servers on the cPanel server.

Thank you.