New to CPanel, Deployment questions and Best Practices


Feb 28, 2012
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DataCenter Provider
We are deploying our new hosting product using CPanel. This is the first we have used a control panel such as this. I have some reservations with using the same box for email that we are doing the shared hosting on. What are the general feelings towards the email hosting capabilities and issues in Cpanel? Is email an after thought in the system? Is it well designed? We have our existing email solution which we could change to a new external provider or we could simply use the built in CPanel email.

Should I expect email to cause load issues frequently, spam hacks, or other support issues?

How good is the spamassassin for filtering spam, compared to some of the commercial spam blocking products?

Is there a general 'deployment best practices' guide for CPanel? Such as suggestions on what to avoid, turn of, tweak etc?