New to WHM plugin development. Please help


Jun 17, 2011
Dear Cpanel friends,

I recently got to know about cpanel. I want to build plugins using cpanel. I went through the official documentation and only understood as to how to build a plugin, but I didn't find any step-by-step procedure as to how to download the sdk and start coding. Can anyone please let me know what are the steps to install the sdk on my ubuntu linux.




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Dec 17, 2009
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The cPanel SDK is not a downloadable thing, like the Apple SDK. It's more of a collection of documentation and various code examples.

To do any development for cPanel or WHM you will need root access to a cPanel system. Usually, you can find a VPS with cPanel for a reasonable price. Alternatively, if you have a CentOS or RHEL server with a public facing IP address, and a good idea of what you intend to develop, you can apply for a Developer License here and install cPanel yourself.

Once you have a product developed you will need to market and distribute it yourself. We simply provide an Application Catalog where you can submit a description of your product and it's website.

Hope that helps.

Happy Coding,