New VPS, WHM and Domain issues.


Jun 17, 2011

I've recently bought a VPS and installed WHM on it.

I am trying to run my site but can't seem to do so. I've set up the nameservers as and in 'Basic cPanel & WHM Setup' and I have assigned the IP of the server.

I then went on NameCheap and changed the nameservers for my domain to and and under 'Nameserver Registration' I pointed both these nameservers to the IP of the server.

For the site under 'Change Site's IP Address' I have edited the only account/site I have and assigned the server IP to it.

I've also clicked 'Add an A entry for this nameserver' under 'Basic cPanel & WHM Setup' for both ns1. & ns2.

However, my site will not load. :eek:

It works fine on http://serverip/~ilmtv/

I appreciate any help.

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