New WHM Backup, error with one account FTP transfer to remote host.


Jun 7, 2014
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Hello Everyone, and happy 4th July to you all.

I have been using WHM for several years and using the new backup feature of WHM without issue for some time.

My server hosts about 20 accounts.

Recently though one of my static accounts (I am the webmaster of the account and haven't changed the site for about a year) has started failing to copy to my remote FTP host with the following error:

Unable to send “/backup/2014-07-03/accounts/username.tar.gz” to destination “”

All other accounts appear just fine on my remote host, it's just this one that doesn't copy.

Remotely I examined the logs and it looks like WHM doesn't even attempt to copy the files (There is no log entry for the file 'polsongr.tar.gz'. I am using Filezilla server on the remote end.

Looking at the WHM backup logs it appears to create the archive without any errors or warnings, and I can see the file located in the /backup directory.

Additionally I manually FTPd the file using FTP command and it was able to send the file successfully.

I spent some time today looking for the correct logs, but am drawing a blank to find the correct log. I used the cPanel log location poster to locate the logs, which is here:
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I did a cat [log location] | grep "username.tar.gz" on the following locations:
"Backup Logs"
"Backup Transport Logs"
"FTP Transaction Logs"
"Log for FTP transfers"

and I can't find anything that points me to where the error is originating.

Again, this account hasn't changed in over a year. it doesn't host any email accounts, it is simply one single WordPress site.

I tried to disable and reenable the account to be backed up and that didn't resolve the issue. Again, the tar.gz is created just fine, but not copied to my remote FTP host. I inspected the tar.gz I manually FTPd and it looks whole and good.

I would consider myself beginning to intermediate skill level using CentOS/Redhat and am able to poke around, but am kinda stumped on this one.

What could I try next?

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Sep 23, 2013
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Please feel free to open a support ticket using the link in my signature. We would be happy to investigate this for you.
Please post the ticket number here when you have it, so that we can update this thread accordingly.