Newbie cannot add email accounts


Aug 7, 2006
Hello all

Total cpanel newbie here with two questions:

1) what's the difference between cpanel and whm?

2) I've created new accounts through cpanel/whm ( not sure the diff. I'll just call it cpanel for now. ) and now I'm trying to create multiple email accounts for each new account/domian, but when I click on the email icon from within cpanel I don't see the 'Add/Remove accounts' option. The only options I see are:
Mail Queue Manager
Mail Trouble Shooter
Repair Mail Box Permissions
View Mail Statistics
View Relayers

I'm logging in to cpanel as root.

Sorry if this has been covered, but I' haven't been able to find it.

Thanks all


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Jan 22, 2005
It would probably be good to read through the documentation first:

In short, WHM is used to set up user accounts and manage the server to a greater or lesser extent. cPanel is used by the end users to manage their own hosting accounts.

The mail features you describe are a part of WHM. You would need to login to cPanel, using the relevant account's username and password, in order to set up email accounts for the given domain. When listing accounts in WHM, there is a link you can click on to log directly into cPanel as the user.