Newbie: cPanel on dedicated: Hostname, GoDaddy DNS settings?


Sep 7, 2007
I'm new to cPanel and dedicated Hosting.
I'm not sure witch DNS or IP to put where first...
I will use "Private Nameservers - A little harder but HIGHLY recommended" as Ramprage says here:

My domain names are at GoDaddy and my dedicated server at LeaseWeb.

I guess that I have to use one domain name for the DNS?
So I start at GoDaddy? I tried to change the DNS into: #Errors were detected."

should I change the current GoDaddy DNS:
into and or should I let GoDaddy's DNS stay, and change this in TotalDNS ? If so, I guess that I should add two of my LeaseWeb's IP's under "A (Host)" and leave or delete the IP that I see there and create a new IP besides the @

Then back to cPanel setup, and under:
"Hostname" I will add: ?
Under "Primary Nameserver"
Should I "Assign IP Address" and/or "Add a A entry for this server"? and the same for:
"Secondary Nameserver"
"Tertiary Nameserver" is not required ?

I'm out on deep water here. Is there anything else important that I will get stucked on?
like with or without www when adding domains...?

I also got a "Gateway" IP or number in my welcome email, that's probably fantastic to have :)

Thanks alot in advance for suggestions.

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Nov 29, 2006
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You are correct, Tertiary (and Fourth) Nameserver is not required.

The trick is you cannot just go to your registrar and type in and You must first "register" your nameservers. I don't recall how to do this on GoDaddy but I remember it was a lot less straightforward than it could have been.

Essentially you need to tell your registrar that points to a specific IP address (no, you cannot set the IP address as your name server to skip this step). Once that is set up, you can set without error. However, that all important step of your registrar knowing what IP address and point to is a vital step.