Apr 14, 2004
Oakland, CA
I am trying to complete a server setup and have a few problems I can't figure out. When I log into WHMX I get this message:
The server was unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname ( This is generally because the entry was never added. However this could also be the result of your nameserver(s) being down. If you would like to attempt to automaticlly add the entry, .

Then I get the following popup:
Adding an A entry for your hostname
Found your hostname to be:
Found your short hostname to be: control
Found your domain name to be:
Found your main ip to be:
If this looks correct,

It looks right to me (but I am no expert), so I click the add button and get this message:
Adding an A entry for
IP= Bind reloading on control using ndc Error reloading bind on control: ndc: error: ctl_client: evConnect(fd 3): No such file or directory ndc: error: cannot connect to command channel (/var/run/ndc) Add Complete

Anyone have any advice or suggestions?