Newbie, just starting - Help Please!


Apr 12, 2007
Hey guys, I ordered a domain about 2 weeks ago and finally got some hosting today. I ordered my hosting and got cPanel info. I got a website to go to, and the username and password. Now I have this up.. but how do I actually get started with my website. Basically.. from JUST getting the login and logging in, how do I type something that will actually SHOW up on the website.

When I go to my domain, nothing shows up, it still shows the website of where I bought my domain, I want to actually start using my website now that I have a host and don't know how. Please help me! I've looked at MANY tutorials and none ever tell how to GET STARTED, they always tell how to add emails and stuff.. I want the COMPLETE basics and no tutorials are giving me it. I hope I can find some help here!