Newbie needs help setting up webserver


Mar 24, 2004
I'm new to all this so please be kind to me :)

I've rented a server from to host some of my personal domains. They provided me with the following info:

- Server IP address
- A range of 10 IPs (starting from the server IP)
- Root password
- URL to access cPanel (using server IP on port 2087)

I've also registered both and through GoDaddy. At the moment the domains are parked there (or at least will be once they're propagated and I can see them from here!).

When I first went into WHM I was prompted for nameserver IPs. I set these to the IP addresses of's nameservers. I have also changed the hostname to (although I may think of a better hostname soon!)

What I would like to do is host on my server using and as nameservers. The other domain,, should work as an alias to Once all that's up and running I will want to move my domains to my server by changing their nameservers to and

I'm fine with the GoDaddy side of things but I'm a little confused on what I need to do to configure my server to work in this way. Any pointers or advice would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Dec 18, 2003
You need to register the nameservers with your registrar first-using your first 2 ips