Oct 6, 2011
cPanel Access Level
Root Administrator
I am a web developer whose site has outgrown shared hosting and I've moved to a VDS to manage myself with cPanel. The installation of cPanel/WHM was much less painful than I feared and went relatively smoothly. I registered a domain just to use for the hostname and we'll call it

So I set the hostname as and finished setting up cPanel, DNS is all set on GoDaddy's (, end, etc. works wonderfully. I was hoping to still be able to use so I created an account with just that domain and I can't get it to resolve. I created a second account for and it works just fine.

Is there some possible conflict with me using as my hostname that would prevent me from creating the account

This was a hard question to put into a search, but I did attempt, so I'm sorry if it's been asked already somewhere simple to fine.