Newbie question public_html/ on addon domain i don't get it?


Aug 1, 2012
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Sorry to ask something so basic, i've seen similar threads but not the same as what i'm asking.

I'm totally new to cpanel, well i started looking at it on my host 6 months ago, ran away from hosting and came back now with a vengence but i'm starting from scratch. I had a play with cpanel in the first week but i've totally what i did or how i did it.
I've got 10 domains with my host and i've got 3 listed on cpanel. Now i remember i have to add these i believe through the addon domain link in the panel? Let me know if i'm wrong there for a start.
So i add my domain
And it creates the subdomain/ftp user as example
I think this is fine so far.

Then i have the document root that is created, and this is where i go wtf as i don't get the reason for it as public_html/
What is what for why isn't the root
Sorry i've googled and looked around and i don't see the answer for it, obviously there is a reason but what is it. Is this right for me? Just to give you an idea i am planning on installing a forum on the domain.

Thanks for any help.


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Oct 2, 2010
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In the past, all subdomains and addon domains required that the directory be in public_html/folder, because addon domains are associated to a subdomain on the main domain.

For example, if you have the addon domain and you have the main domain, then the subdomain for the addon domain created would be and so we placed the addon/subdomain folder at public_html/folder location.

Nowadays, you should have the option to remove the public_html portion and just have the addon or subdomain at /home/username location instead. If that option isn't available to you, your hosting provider would need to be contacted to ask them to change WHM > Tweak Settings > public_html subdomains only On to Off.

If you have further questions, please let us know.