Oct 22, 2006
Hi Forum,

I have a few questions before buying this product.

1. Unlimited domains per server. - Can CPANEL really handle unlimited number of domains per server or per box? Plesk also claims this but started to break with 1,500 domains, 4,000 email accounts and 50 databases. All hosted in one box or server. Deliveries of email are always delayed for a great number of hours. Note that the kernel, apache, php, etc., were all recompiled for a large environment. The server is a dual Xeon 3 Ghz with 4Gb memory.

2. If in case there is a limit to the number of domains hosted per server, how many domains would it be?

3. Does CPANEL support multi ISP in one server? Meaning multiple ip addresses (different ISPs) in one domain for a round robin effect.

Hoping for a prompt reply.

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Jun 15, 2002
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1. The license is for unlimited domains - how many your hardware/network isn't relevant to the license. The software itself can handle as many domains as you want, but again its up to your server resources as to how many it can handle. How many that is is completely impossible to say. Could be anything from 1 to thousands

2. See 1.

3. Don't understand the question. If you're asking whether you can assign 2 IP addresses that you have been provided by your NOC to the same domain, then you can do that by modifying httpd.conf to listen on both for that VirtualHost. You cannot do that through the UI.