Newbie questions: MySQL, logs, stats


Jan 9, 2004
Madrid - Europe
Hi all.

First of all, hello everybody, I'm new here.

I've recently had my own machine, and after configuring everuthing, I've found some problems, and I don't have idea how to solve them.

First problem is MySQL. It "hungs", or something, everyday at 00:00 AM, and it does not start working still 00:15. Maybe some script if restarting it at this hour?

Second, I've searched and searched but I cannot find where cpanel specifies the hours when scripts are executed. FE, when it's specified when it should run the stats?

More, it does not execute statistics, I have to do it by hand. Could it be because of a high load on the machine?

To finish, when logs rotate? I still have logs from Dec 31... very big ones...

Hmm, another more question :) I've a Celeron 1,7 with 1 Gb RAM. Usually I have bewteen 100 and 200 open httpd servers. Sometimes, when reaching 200 or 250 servers, loadavg goes to 4 or 6. What is, in your opinion, the maximun "safe" load a machine should have?

Thanks in advance to all, and sorry for my English.