Newbie screwed up brand new VPS using WHM


Jul 19, 2011
Okay, I just got a VPS for the first time (had always been on a shared hosting plan) and got some great help from my hosting provider transferring my three main sites over. The old host was a cPanel place, so I opted for a cPanel/WHM license in my new host. The transfer seemed to go perfectly.

The problem is, they set up the wrong hostname and nameservers. They set up the following (example has fake domains):


Everything worked fine, but I wanted them to use my business domain instead:

It's not really their fault, they never asked me what I wanted to be the main domain for my name servers, so I think they went with my personal domain as it's the one I use the most.

In an effort to correct it myself, I tried switching everything over to for my hostname and nameservers. Frankly, it has been a serious disaster.

Because I have never used WHM before, I have absolutely no idea what to do. I asked support for help and they responded with "oh, click this, click that - it's super easy". But when I tried it, I couldn't get anything to resolve correctly, is reporting tons of errors.... gah.

Can someone tell me the complete steps to switch my hostname and nameservers from one domain to another within the same account?


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Oct 2, 2010
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In WHM > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup area:

1. Change the nameservers listed to the new nameserver entries at the bottom.

2. Click the "Add an A entry for this nameserver" button for each nameserver field

3. In the "Enter the IP address to use for the "A Entry" for" box, enter the IP for that nameserver.

4. Click the Add Entry button, then click the Close button.

In WHM > Change Hostname area:

1. Enter the new hostname in the "New Hostname:" field, then click the "Change" button.

2. Click the "Add an A entry for your hostname" button

3. Click the "Add entry" button upon reviewing the IP listed.

After doing the above, go to your domain registrar if you have not already and register your new nameservers with the IPs you've used above for the WHM > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup area. If you haven't registered the nameservers at your registrar, then the nameservers will not function yet.