Mar 17, 2016
United Arab Emirates
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good day,

I kept enabling/disabling options in my easy apache to the level it performs slow now when:

1- submit any form on my website
2- upload any files through contact form (even if the file 1kb)

the website just takes forever to move to the next page.

the action to perform is also to send email (using smtp) since the php mail was acting funny by delivering some emails and not delivering others specially the ones with attachments.

what shall i do to optimise my server using easy apache 3, apache 2.4.18, php 5.6.20

also, i'm attaching my php info for your reference.

Appreciate your prompt response and help.



Feb 5, 2010
i got a simulair problem before with sendmail

if i send mail from a simple mail testing it works perfect , but if i used in my script it was loading for 30 seconds ( php timeout) before sending the email

try if you send the email to a local domain if it goes instand or not ( like [email protected] if your domain is test.be )
if it does go fast , then check your email settings , as that is delaying everything ( specialy if you use asppX anti spam )
by resetting the config it solved it for me

also do you have a firewall installed ( csf ? or any other ) and has set the apache mem limit ? ( Memory Usage Restrictions - Documentation - cPanel Documentation )
by incrasing that limit the scripts will work faster

Greets From PowerChaos