Newbie to WHM - hosting company transferred my site to home partition?


Jul 27, 2012
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I've just transfered from one hosting company (shared hosting) to another (vps). The new hosting company transferred my site. I'm new to WHM but something doesnt look right so can someone let me know if i'm correct?

I was trying to transfer the ssl from the old host but cant see where to assign a static ip.

At the moment i just want one cpanel to manage my site as normal but would like the option of another seperate cpanel in the future. I can access my site by using the ip~username but not the domain name. I've changed nameservers for the new hosting company.

Some things I've noticed...

1. At the moment if i go into WHM and click "List Accounts" i see my domain (; Username (username); Partition (Home); Reseller/Owner (username)

2. There are no Packages created (i created one just to experiment and can see the option to allocate static ip there)

I'm assuming i have to delete the files already on the server, create a package and then upload the files again?

So what do I want?

1. I want a cpanel with the domain ( with static ip for ssl, that i can access by using the domain.
2. I want to be able to set up another cpanel to completely manage another domain - static ip etc

sorry if this sounds a bit confused but I'm in way over my head with this.

Thanks for any help


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Oct 2, 2010
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If you have another IP on the server, you can change the account's IP in WHM > IP Functions > Change Site's IP Address area.

To setup a second account, go to WHM > Account Functions > Create a New Account area.

If you have further questions, please let us know.