Sep 2, 2003
Hi, I'm a newbie to WHM and any help would be much appreciated!

Well, I just got a fully managed server setup recently and am playin around with it right now.

I wanted to know what areas I should/need to build by technical expertise in (taking into account that the server is more and less fully managed and supported)? Do I need to know how to use any particular programs, SSH, etc?

Also, how about backups - should I get a scondary hard drive for this purpose. What do I need to know about partitioning at this point? And also, where are my clients website data usualy stored (what folder, etc.)

I also heard that there is some flaw in cpanel that allows others to publicly view a page that lists all domains on your server - anyone know about this and has it been fixed?

Thanks for the help! :) Support Ticket Number:

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Mar 23, 2002
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And a hearty "hello" right back atcha! Welcome to the fourm. :)

Sounds like there is a lot you need to brush up on and I would suggest you use the "Search" function to look up specific areas. There is lots of good info already posted on the various things one needs to know.

After reading some of the threads and a bit of practice, a lot of things will make more sense to you. Support Ticket Number: