Apr 14, 2002
Hi Well
I got the WHM script at http://www.nixt.org/

I can not get Ver1 to get past the login for admin

Ver2 works just fine. I have pulled down the configs for both and can not see what the problem is in my settings.
AT any rate,I have not used this and am curious just how much this thing does.
I have PayPal IPN setup and not sure it is working yet. My question is, I guessin what order does this work?

Register, pay, account creation?
Pay, register, account creation?

And just how much of this process it taken care of by this script? I just can find very little documentation on this at all.

I suppose what i really need is some kind of operating guide.
I visited NIXT and the single page didn’t tell me too much.
What I would really like is something that is about as hands free as possible as my regular business keeps me pretty busy. A link to some kind of guide would be most appreciated. If you think there is a better alternative than this script I would accept any advice or comments in that direction also, thx for any help