Apr 21, 2013
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I m having a funny issues in hear.

I have 2 Cent OS servers with Cpannel/WHM on these boxes. which are remotely located on network (Virtual Private servers)

1. I m not able to access data in this server from specific pool of IP address., of which all are in 'White list'.
2. I have already made sure there is no issues with my router/firewall (i tried bypassing router and firewall).
3. tried clearing the browser cache.
4. Contacted ISP, they say they only provide level 3 connectivity which is fine (they checked latency and ping which is good)
4. Checked with Godaddy if they have my IP black listed at their network, which is not.

If I connect FTP it connects, passes Auth, however Connection times out at directory listing.
same while browsing it connect to the destination however browser windows shows (waiting for 50.xx.xx.xx)

after looking at the Apache Log on the server it shows mode of operation to be stuck at "M" - sending reply. and it does for this specific IP address.

12-1 18323 0/38/41 W 2.08 38 0 0.0 0.45 0.46 GET /beautifulLiving/ HTTP/1.1

why for specific ip address it stuck at sending data ? for same computer/network but different ip it works fine.

Help. SOS


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Apr 21, 2013
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Check Cphulk logs,
of which all are in 'White list'.
do you mean CPhulk's whitelist?

In cmd type
And see where it get's stuck/ takes long time

I tend to think that there is a script (PHP) or .htaccess directive with specifically your IP, which you or programmer added to make you administrator or something.

This happens in all domains?