No certificate available. AutoSSL will attempt to secure the domain the next time it runs.

Jul 1, 2019
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I've managed to provision AutoSSL for loads of domains successfully through cPanel before. Setting up an add-on domain first, and setting the DNS on the new (freshly registered) domain to point to the server. The DNS setup is the same for this domain as others that are successfully provisioned. Very simply:

Two A-records for * and @ both point to the IP address.
One CNAME record for www to the domain name.

AutoSSL runs automatically of course, and there are a number of domains to attempt to provision:
To start with, SSL was successfully provisioned for and so I was able to access the site, but it wasn't provisioning for the subdomain.

There was a different error at that point (I forget what) but I went into the SSL certificate list and removed the certificates associated with this domain, which I think were self-signed and were preventing AutoSSL. When I've done that in the past to fix stuck AutoSSL provisioning, it basically frees up everything and the SSL certificates sort themselves out.

So now all the domains listed above say "No certificate available. AutoSSL will attempt to secure the domain the next time it runs."

AutoSSL runs, but doesn't update these domains. I'm not sure where to see the AutoSSL logs to see what's going on, but any help appreciated.
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Nov 14, 2017
Do you have access to Manage AutoSSL icon in reseller WHM? If not, you will have to contact the hosting provider to check the logs.
I agree with this, if you're not able to see the logs, understanding why its failing is important. Your provider should be able to give you more information.