No-Compiler update -- Perl Only?


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Jan 29, 2003
Last night during the update process, apparently something at /lib/Net/DNS had to be updated.

Normally I keep compilers disabled. In the past, a cpanel update requiring compilers would fail, and when I saw this from my morning's reports, I would enable compilers and update the scripts from SSH.

However, last night, when the (disabled) c-compiler failed, the cpanel update report stated that it would make a "Perl-Only" implementation.

Here is what the report said --

=== BEGIN === Going to build C/CR/CREIN/Net-DNS-0.46.tar.gz

Testing if you have a C compiler and the needed header files....
cc -c -o compile.o compile.c
make: execvp: cc: Permission denied
make: *** [compile.o] Error 127

I cannot determine if you have a C compiler. I will install the
perl-only implementation.

You can force installation of the XS version with:

perl Makefile.PL --xs


This puzzled me somewhat, and I'd be grateful if someone could clarify what this means.

1) What is Net/DNS?

2) What does "perl-only" implementation mean? (I'd guess that its a version that runs under perl rather than being compiled in c, but so what? Is this better? Worse? Does it matter?)

3) Is this something that I'd be wise to somehow re-do? If so, how to go about it?

Thank you for any info or advice.