No data returned from cPanel Service error


Aug 7, 2019
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Root Administrator
Hello, everyone,

I have an issue with response when calling 'savefile' api in Node.js app. When I send 'content' query param with size smaller than 90KB, In response I get:

"{"cpanelresult":{"module":"Fileman","data":[{"charset":"utf-8","path":"/home/somepath/public_html/index.html"}],"func":"savefile","event":{"result":1},"apiversion":2}} "

But when content size is larger than 90KB, In response I get:

"{"error":"No data returned from cPanel Service"}"

Here is the save file function code:

return new Promise(function (resolve, reject) {{
url: WHM_BASE_URL + mainWHMsessionToken + '/json-api/cpanel' ,
qs: {
cpanel_jsonapi_apiversion: 2,
cpanel_jsonapi_module: 'Fileman',
cpanel_jsonapi_func: 'savefile',
dir: directory,
filename: filename,
content: pageContent,
user: user
headers: {
'Authorization': WHM_TOKEN
}, function(err, httpResponse, body){
if (body) {
const response = JSON.parse(body);[0] ? resolve(true): resolve(response.cpanelresult.error);
} else {

Is there global configuration on WHM for file size? Or on cPanel account?
I've tried to change cPanel PHP max POST size and cPanel PHP max upload size from Tweak Settings => PHP , but it made no effects.