No mailman moderator request emails going out

Alan Meyer

Aug 29, 2007
I'm using cpanel, recently upgraded to 2.1.11. We have some moderated mailman mailing lists. If I send a message to the list, it is recorded, but no email message is sent to the moderators or list administrators requesting moderation. Up to a day later, a cpanel cron job will usually send out a moderator reminder email, but I can't get it to send any emails immediately. It does not send anything to the moderator, the administrator, or the sender of the message.

Moderation has worked in the past, but it's intermittent. Sometimes it works. Mostly it does not. We tried upgrading to 2.1.11 to see if it would solve the problem, but it did not.

On the general configuration page we have:
email addresses for administrators and moderators
Should the list moderators get immediate notice ... = Yes
Emergency moderation of all list traffic = Yes
Send email to poster when their posting is held for approval = Yes

An old posting from years ago suggest a Python version problem, but that isn't the case here as near as I can tell.

Our server is shared with others at a hosted server operation and I have no root access to the machine or to the logs. I haven't seen any mailman logs and don't know where they are. If someone can steer me to any logs I should be looking at that might show what's going wrong, I'm sure I can get a sysadmin to let me see them.

Is there something I'm doing wrong? Does anyone have any suggestions for what to change or where to look?