No new posts My Fantastico in CPANEL wont work among other things


Nov 21, 2008
Ive been having trouble with my host in the cpanel.

First thing is first, I tried to install vb and it didnt work.

Next I tried to just upload an image to my directory and it said the image was uploaded but it never showed up in my database. I also tried to upload an index.html home page and the same thing happened, but nothing showed up.

i also tried to install PHPBB and and image gallery with Fantastico and I keep getting this weird 404 error (in the 3rd picture)

whats wrong...why cant I upload stuff to my director and have it in my database. all i want to do is upload my fucking site.
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May 20, 2003
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Does your domain name work properly? Are you accessing the index.html file using the domain name? From your picture it doesn't appear so.

Try this. Upload an index.html to the /public_html/ directory. Now try to access it via browser at

From the third picture it looks like you're trying to access things via cPanel URL. This will never work.

See that directory you created called forums? It would be accesses by this URL:

These are basic functions on making use of your account that your host should be assisting you with. If they are not, time to find a new one.

These cPanel forums are not actually for end users, but for the system administrators who use cPanel. If your host has forums or a ticket system, you should be asking for assistance there instead.

Best of luck to you.