nobody process under suphp normal?


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Mar 22, 2008
Hi, is it normal to see apache process under the user nobody with apache suphp activated?

I ask this because im not sure if i remember this on another server i had with that option. I turned both suphp and userid on when compiling apache.

On the Cpanel process list i see the account users identified under php and mail process but i also see several nobody apache process. I thought also apache process would list with the account names. Im sure suphp is on, even in php config it shows so.


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May 8, 2007
SuPHP only controls the user PHP is running as, not Apache. Apache will continue to run as user nobody.
Seems I am missing something here. If I remember right, phpsuexec (which suphp has replaced) meant that, apart from php running as the user instead of nobody, apache would be compiled to run as cgi, not as a module. And, that meant apache processes would also run under the userid and not as nobody.

It's a long time, so I may have got some of the facts wrong.:)