Non client facing email address - send Email Autoresponder "To" tag field


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Aug 3, 2016
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Hi there

We have some non-client facing email addresses that are often used for 3rd party supplier communications. Occassionally, smart clients get hold of these email address and try to use them to circumvent our support team email address. To discourage and prevent this, we have set up email filters that detect this and sends an autoresponder reply to let them know their message was not delivered - and to resend using the supported channel instead.

This all works great, but in the email body - we would like to indicate which email they have sent it to.... (we have many), but there does not seem to be a tag for the %to% parameter - unless I am missing it.... Is there a way to achieve this:

The following message was not delivered:
  • From: %from%
  • Email: %email%
  • To: %to%
  • Subject: %subject%
more stuff....


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Oct 19, 2014
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Hey there! The only options available are the ones listed in the page itself:

    The subject of the message sent to the autoresponder.
    The name of the sender of the message received by the autoresponder, if available.
    The incoming email sender’s address.
If you'd like to submit a feature request using the link in my signature I can get that over to the email team for review.