Not able to send to particular domains


May 13, 2020
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Root Administrator

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere already.

I work for an ISP with WHM/cPanel and we routinely get customers complaining of not being able to send to particular domains from Horde. I believe it is due to our relays generating SPAM in the past and our IP's have become blacklisted.

However, that issue is getting slightly better but we still get complaints. Do you know where in cPanel and how to read whether the issue is at our server end or potentially at the recipients end? I believe there are mail delivery reports but how can you tell if it has reached the destination and bounced back or not left the server at all?

Basically, how to read the mail delivery report logs i think it equates to. Sometimes the recipients have filters on and the issue is at their end but I would like to know this by reading these logs. We have put customers IP's into whitelists in the past but that does not always solve the issue nor should we have to do it every time.

Hope that makes sense,