Not adding addon/parked domains properly


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Aug 27, 2006
I have 2 different cpanel stable servers, latest build I think and when you add or park domains it does not add them to dns, they dont show up in edit dns menu. It shows the domain as being parked or addon but there is no record in /var/named.

I done the checkperlmodules and didnt get no errors. Anyone have any idea what this may be?

Works on release servers, just not stable


Apr 29, 2006
Try changeing the theme on servers to x3.

We're having an issue createing Addon Domain's with the x theme, Basically we add a addon domain it's directoring to the 'main' domain on the account, We're using the x theme when doing so because our client's are not use to it.

Obvisouly the x theme doesn't have update varible's to detect what sub directory to point too, therefore it uses the docroot.

cPanel has told us to update, We've done that but guess it's not offcial on STABLE RELEASE.

Try doing that and let me know your results.