Not getting Emails to one domain - help!


Jan 12, 2003
One of my domain names has suddenly stopped getting Emails today (CPanel 5.3-edge).

This is the day after I parked some other domains names at it, and also added a subdomain and a forwarder (goes to my address and girlfriend's Yahoo).

I set the default address to the subdomain to &:fail: no mail to subdomain& so undid that, but that didn't fix it.

I removed all .filters/.procmailrc/.forward files, turned SpamAssassin off, removed all autoresponders and forwarders, deleted and remade my default account, checked it with neomail and Yahoo webmail (in case it was neomail bust).... Nothing.

I set up a redirect to go to my work address, that didn't work either. I setup another that would go to my girlfriend's domain on the same server, nothing (although her Email works on her domain).

I setup a forwarder on one of the other domains I have on that server to forward to the domain in question, but that doesn't work either, so it's not a DNS issue.

I'm not getting any bounce messages though, so Emails must be getting to the server, just not to my inbox.....

I checked Exim is running, server load is around 0.8 and I can *send* Email from Neomail to my work account, so Sendmail must be running.

I checked the MX records for and they're fine, this Email was working yesterday and has been since the DNS propagated a few days ago.

Any ideas? Cheers ;)