Nov 6, 2006
Hi All:

I have something that I think odd occurring.

I have a VPS running CentOS 4.4 and WHM\cPanel. I configured it following the steps laid out in "A Beginner's guide to securing you server" (a fan-freaking-tastic tutorial IMO), and included notification via BFD and set up notification when someone logs in as root. The problem is, I'm not getting any notifications.

I have logged in and su'd to root from a variety of locations, and have not received any notification. Likewise, I have not received any emails from BFD and I highly doubt that no one has even tried to get in. I was receiving notices until I actually set my website up.

The server has 3 IP address; the main IP ends in .6, and the IP I have my single site on ends in .8. Once I changed the DNS to point to .8 for the website, I stopped getting the notifications.

I do, however, still get notifications via email from WHM.

Does anyone have any ideas why this might be occurring, or where I could look to see if the server might be blocking the messages?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you might lend.