Tom Risager

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Jul 10, 2012
Copenhagen, Denmark
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I've configured a new cPanel server, and while making various changes to the configuration, something got messed a bit up.

With no accounts on the server, when I point my browser to the server hostname (e.g., I get the default web page. This is what I would expect.

However, once I've created the first account on the server, going to displays that account's web page, instead of the default web page. The same happens with anything else with a name that resolves to the server IP, but does not exist on as a cPanel account on the server: The website of the first account is shown, instead of the default web page.

Any assistance would be appreciated :)


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Apr 11, 2011
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Hello :)

I am happy to hear the issue is now resolved. You can also try rebuilding the Apache configuration file in the future if you encounter an issue like this. EX:

Thank you.