Not sure how to configure Apache SpamAssassin in cPanel

Nov 10, 2013
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I use cPanel to run a website, it has SpamAssassin built-in.

I notice that when I enable SpamAssassin there are some additional filters that can be set up in cPanel -> User/Account Level Filtering. I assume this allows me to create mail filters based on the score SpamAssassin gives each message.

What I am wondering is, does just enabling SpamAssassin do anything to filter spam on its own, like for all email accounts, or do you have to also set up the user/account filters?

I generally don't want my email addresses filtered, with the exception of one email account. So my thought is to enable SpamAssassin, and then set up filters on that one account. I just don't know if enabling SpamAssassin will cause other email addresses to be filtered as well.

I guess my question really is: Does simply enabling SpamAssassin do anything besides add additional header information that can be later be used to filter your messages? Or, put another way, would there be any difference at all (besides the additional headers added to each message) if I enable SpamAssassin but DO NOT set up either account or user filters?


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Apr 11, 2011
Hello :)

Actually, to configure SpamAssassin, you would click on the SpamAssassin icon within cPanel, and then click on the following option at the bottom of the page:

"Configure SpamAssassin"

The other filter options in cPanel are used for custom filters not related to SpamAssassin, or to automatically delete messages marked as spam. In your case, you may actually want to disable SpamAssassin for the account, and instead use a user-level filter for the specific email account you want to filter SPAM with.

Thank you.