Notify of full exim mainlog


Aug 26, 2011
It's the second time in under a year that my exim service stops working because the mainlog reaches 2GB. Most of the log entries are to do with rejected spam and I just found a 9 year old thread in which someone was having the same exact problem and was asking for a way to selectively reduce the types of events that get logged. Since the issue in that thread was never resolved, I am guessing this is not possible. In that case, could we not at least have a way for cPanel to detect when the log reaches a certain size (say, 1.9GB) and send us some kind of notification that it needs clearing? It does that for disk space and it's very useful, but this seems just as important. In both cases when this happened, I had no idea that there was an issue at all until one of my clients complained about failed email deliveries and I tried to restart exim, only to be told that the log file was too large.
Should I have posted this to the feature request forum? I just wanted to check if such a feature was actually possible before requesting it.