NS and SSL on same IP


Dec 10, 2012
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Hello ,

I have some questions, I have 4 IPs on my server and I want to install on the first ip the server hostname ...like : hostname.domain.com and a SSL certificate for this subdomain because i want to use this subdomain for hostname.domain.com:2086 and hostname.domain.com:2087 .

Also I want to create on the same IP the ns1.domain.com .

It is possible to create ns1.domain.com and hostname.domain.com on the same IP adress ?
And the main www.domain.com and domain.com should be on the second IP adress with ns2.domain.com .

Because the shared ip adress will be the 3rd IP for all customers.
And the 4 IP will be free.

I ask this thinkgs because i know the SSL will run only if have a specific IP for a subdomain or domain and in my case i have a specific IP adress for hostname.domain.com but just ns1.domain.com .

Thanks and i wait your reply.