May 17, 2021
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Hello friends
I joined CPANEL a few weeks ago, and I need a little help.
Until about a month ago I purchased a storage package from GODADDY and there I managed everything easily, and now I have moved to my own private server that I am interested in doing everything on.
In GODADDY I would add a domain, the system would also generate NS records for me, at my domain provider I would change the NS records and everything would work for me, and now no, I guess the systems are slightly different, but still I would like to manage the DNS records from my server By CPANEL and not by the interface provided to me by the domain registrar whoever it is.
So ... is it possible to do such a thing? And how? I would love a tutorial

Tzur Nissan Geller


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Dec 16, 2010
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Yes you can you only need the interface provided by your domain registrar to enter the dns servers you want to use.You are required to provide at least 2 and preferably no more then 7 namservers they should be located in a topologically and geographically dispersed location on the Internet .Dns is the beating heart of your website when dns servers fail to respond you are out of reach you don't want this.

I suggest you start by reading How to Set Up Nameservers in a cPanel & WHM Environment | cPanel & WHM Documentation also make yourself familair with dns related tools like host , nslookup , dig and the different types of dns records that exist that knowledge will be handy when issues arrise.

One record commonly known as a PTR record (aka reverse dns record) it is possible you cannot create this record yourself however this is a verry important record to have as many servers on the internet will flag you as a spammers if you don't have one but don't panic your host can setup this record for you in this case.


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Jan 12, 2021
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Hello tzurnissan! rscalover is correct in that you can manage your DNS zones for your domains on your server by pointing the nameservers to the nameservers configured within your cPanel environment. Thanks for your input rscalover!

Our full documentation on this can be found here:
How to Set Up Nameservers in a cPanel & WHM Environment

We've also published the following article that has more of a step-by-step tutorial, if you prefer, here:

How to configure nameservers in a cPanel & WHM server

Once configured, you would then need to register your nameservers with your domain registrar. After propagation completes, the DNS zones for any domains pointing to your newly registered nameservers can be managed directly from your server.

Let us know if this helps!