obnoxious lines in apache error_log: optional hook test and optional function test


Nov 8, 2009
Hello, I'm running version 11.24 and when I tail -r /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log I see tons of lines like the following
[Sun Nov 08 01:25:04 2009] [error] Optional hook test said: GET /images/donate.gif HTTP/1.1
[Sun Nov 08 01:25:04 2009] [error] Optional function test said: GET /images/donate.gif HTTP/1.1
According to this post these lines are the result of having some kind test module in the modules directory (or built in?). Nothing in /usr/local/apache/modules looks amiss:
httpd.exp libphp5.so* mod_auth_passthrough.so* mod_bwlimited.so* mod_bw.so* mod_disable_suexec.so* mod_frontpage.so* mod_security2.so* mod_suphp.so*
And the only file I can find anywhere under /usr/local/apache with "test" in the name is /usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/test-cgi which is just a shell script for echoing some http server variables.

Does anyone know how to stop the Optional hook test and Optional function test lines?:confused: