ODBC or DWCS4, DWCS5 Error 1045, with MySQL.

Elliot Balanza

Oct 5, 2011
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I'm having the following problem while trying to use DWCS4 or DWCS5, and now i've noticed also while trying to use a MySQL ODBC connector.

It seems that if I try to use those things, when trying to connect it always gives me a 1045 error. This can't be solved in ODBC, but in DW, if I just ignore the problem and handcode the program, (i.e. do the query by hand and not using dw tools) then when i upload the same material it works.

So the main problem is when trying to access remotely the data.

I know a 1045 is a password problem, but there are no problems, since it works fine.

My Server, alledgelly is "Localhost", however if I try to use the ip, or the hostname the error changes to a 1043, sever.myserver.com is not allowed to use this database.

Of Course I've also checked that my remote masks are on, and that the IP I'm trying to connect from is valid. I can even connect using the GUI from MySQL, no problem, but DW and ODBC Drivers refuses to connect.

Any Idea what is happening? Maybe the port that is used for ODBC changes in Cpanel?

One last thing this is happening in two different servers by two different providers, but both using Cpanel Accelerated 2.


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Oct 2, 2010
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Have you added the computer you are using DreamWeaver on IP to cPanel > Remote MySQL area? If you aren't certain your IP, you could use What Is My IP Address - Shows Your IP Address when using that computer to see the results. If you haven't allowed your computer's IP that has DreamWeaver as an IP in Remote MySQL area, you won't be able to connect to the database from it.